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Fluch der Karibik: Jack Sparrow Flintlock
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Fluch der Karibik: Jack Sparrow Flintlock
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Dies ist ein original Replikat der Waffe von Captain Jack Sparrow aus dem Film Fluch der Karibik.

Travel back to the buccaneering days of old. This non-firing 13-inch replica of the original flintlock held by Captain Jack Sparrow is modeled after the real prop used in filming, which was created using real-world historical models to make it the most authentic possible. Displayed on an antiqued hanging frame wall display with a plaque, this special weapon replica is a limited edition of 3,000 pieces. When Captain Jack Sparrow is marooned on a desert island by his mutinous first mate, Barbossa, he’s left with a flintlock pistol with one shot left. But by the thrilling climax of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, the shot’s still there, and Barbossa finds himself looking down the barrel of Jack’s flintlock and hoping the powder’s wet. In the “Golden Age” of piracy, no self-respecting buccaneer went anywhere without his flintlock. The forerunners of modern gun technology, flintlocks were developed in the early 1600s and remained in use for nearly 300 years. The technology is simple. The lock - the method for exploding the charge - is made of flint. When struck against a piece of steel (the “frizzen”), the flint creates sparks which explode the gunpowder packed in the barrel, propelling a lead ball at the target - in this case, Jack’s ghostly adversary. For filming, Captain Jack Sparrow’s flintlock was built according to exact historical models and specifications. Master Replicas is proud to offer this hero prop of Jack Sparrow’s flintlock recreated with painstaking care.


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