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Transformers: All Spark Cube Replikat
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Transformers: All Spark Cube Replikat
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Dies ist das Replikat des Allsparks Cube aus dem Film Transformers.

Hier die Original Beschreibung:
The etched, die-cast 7cm All Spark cube is a replica of the cube seen in the movie and comes with a clear Perspex stand which allows the cube to stand on its edge when displaying giving it a floating look. The All Spark is not merely a receptacle for the consciousness of deceased Autobot leaders - it is a gateway that leads to the All Spark - also called the Matrix - the Transformers afterlife, from which all current and future Transformers' sparks came. Possessing a sentience, the All Spark sent Sparks out into the world, to live. When any Transformers, good or evil, are destroyed their Spark returns to the All Spark and share with it all that it had experienced, thereby adding to the timeless fountain of knowledge and wisdom. In the 2007 Transformers movie the All Spark is able to bring mechanical and electronic objects to life, essentially turning mundane objects into Transformers and has reality warping powers. The All Spark is ultimately driven into Megatron’s chest by Sam at the end of the film, destroying both Megatron and the All Spark. Only a shard of the All Spark remains, which is claimed by Optimus Prime.


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