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Buffy: Collector Edition 03 - Magazin + Spike Statue
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Buffy: Collector Edition 03 - Magazin + Spike Statue
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Buffy / Angel Figurine Collector Magazine with Spike Figure

Collector's Note: These lead figures contain actual lead. Please handle with care. For adult collectors ages 18 and up only.

  • William the Bloody.
  • Heavyweight lead figure of Spike!
  • Key vampire in both the Buffy and Angel TV series.
  • Fact-filled magazine included!
The third issue in the smash hit Buffy and Angel Collection features one of the most popular characters from the Whedonverse: Spike! Otherwise known as William the Bloody, Spike was a key vampire in both the Buffy and Angel TV series. This lead figurine stands 4-inches tall and features Spike wearing the red leather jacket he took from former Slayer Nikki Wood, whom Spike killed on the New York subway in 1977. The fact-filled magazine accompanying the nicely detailed, hand-painted figure tells you everything you need to know about Spike, from the television series and comics!
UPC (case):  9781858751726
Weight (pounds):  0.68
Das Magazin ist komplett in englischer Sprache.  Die Figur ist sprachunabhänig in qualitativ hochwertiger Verarbeitung. Unschlagbar zu diesem Preis.

Lagernd und bereit zum Sofortversand.



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