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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Actionfigur Vampir Buffy 30cm
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Actionfigur Vampir Buffy 30cm
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Dies ist die Buffy Actionfigur in einer Größe von 30cm, mit verschiedenen Waffen geliefert, welche auswechselbar sind. Im Bild ist die Axt, weiter wird auch ein Pflock und eine Halbaxt mitgeliefert.


Hersteller Beschreibung:

-Over 30 points of articulation

-Episode authentic clothing including a striped tank top, black pants, blue
-jacket and boots

-Battle Axe

-Mr. Pointy stake

-12inch Figure Display Stand featuring the Buffy the Vampire Slayer logo

Killing vampires is a daily routine for Sunnydale´s #1 Slayer, but what would happen if Buffy actually becomes a vampire herself? Thrust into a nightmarish dream world by an unknown source, Buffy and the gang are living out their worst fears; Xander in class wearing nothing but boxers? Willow is the lead of an opera? Giles dealing with the death of his Slayer, and his failure as a Watcher? And Buffy Summers - a vampire?

In a clever twist on the demon occurrences plaguing Sunnydale, Nightmares includes the entire town in on the fun as all the residents experience their worst fears for real. Scary things start happening to everyone, including Buffy and the Scoobies. Buffy not only gets buried alive by The Master, but also then rises as a vampire with full head bumpies and a mouth full of fangs. The gang eventually deduces that their darkest fears are being manifested by the terrifying coma-induced nightmares of a young boy named Billy. The little boy is being haunted by the monstrous visage of an Ugly Man in his dreams, and in turn is projecting his own nightmarish existence to the rest of the community. Devastated by her change, it takes everything inside Buffy to overcome her fear and connect with Billy´s astral self to convince him to face his fear and unmask the monster in his dreams. His act of courage in stopping his own personal demon returns the world back to normal, while exposing the real monster as Billy´s abusive little league coach. Interestingly enough, Buffy´s gravestone in the episode foreshadowed her second death at the end of the fifth season, but thankfully, in seven seasons, she never had to endure the personal horror of being turned into a real vampire



  • Buffy - Vampire Buffy 30cm Actionfigur


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